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In an unprecedented move for the commercial painting industry, Precision Painting & Decorating (PPD Painting) is deviating from standard PTO (paid time off) procedures by rolling out a new bonus plan that provides up to 7 weeks of paid time off. 

The new policy includes up to 5 bonus weeks of PTO to employees who qualify in addition to the standard two weeks already provided with all Commercial Painting Jobs at PPD Painting

This incentive-based bonus plan is available to all regular hourly employees in the Chicago and Cincinnati offices. 

Recognizing the Need

Companies across the country are navigating the ripple effects of the pandemic, including how to retain employees. Fully recognizing the stress and tension inherent to the rollercoaster of COVID-19, especially for individuals working trades like commercial painting jobs, PPD Painting’s decision to offer the benefit of more paid personal time off was easy. 

PPD encourages a healthy balance between business and family time. In these trying times it’s important to motivate our workforce and help them feel appreciated.

“We have always supported a positive work-life balance at PPD Painting. The commercial painting trade is demanding and doesn’t always afford flexibility, so this bonus program is an opportunity to provide our team with the flexibility and personal time they deserve.”

PPD Painting co-founder Aaron Moore

Up To 7 Weeks Of Paid Time Off

Under PPD Painting’s generous bonus PTO plan, eligible employees who complete approximately 500 hours of work per quarter will receive one week of Bonus PTO. When an employee hits all four quarterly targets in a calendar year (i.e. 2,000 hours), they receive four weeks of PTO plus an additional week that can be used in the following calendar year.

Add this to PPD Painting’s current 2 weeks of PTO and employees have the opportunity to receive a total of 7 weeks of paid time off in a single calendar year. 

In addition, under the new plan, if an employee completes a job under the set budgeted number of hours, the hours* saved accumulate towards their quarterly goal. (*This number is determined by the % of hours worked towards the project when multiple workers are involved.)

“The commercial painting industry experiences a seasonal slowdown from January to March every year,” Aaron explains. “This new program can help alleviate that for PPD Painting employees who work hard and meet quarterly quotas will experience the slow season stress-free and hopefully enjoy time doing what they love most – besides painting, of course!”

About PPD Painting

PPD Painting is a full-service commercial, HOA, and warehouse painting company operating in the Chicago and Cincinnati metro areas. For over 15 years, they have provided exceptional customer service, demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, and provided quality craftsmanship on commercial painting jobs of all sizes. 

The commercial painting company was founded in 2003 by long-time friends and Chicagoland residents Aaron Moore and Sean Buruato. A three-time INC5000 recipient, PPD Painting has built a reputation for high-quality work standards and earned recognition as a 4 time Top Job Award Winner byAmerican Painting Contractor Magazine.  Additionally, PPD Painting has found themselves on the INC 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies List 4 times.

Interested in Working With PPD?

PPD Painting is accepting applications for full-time painting contractors on their Careers Page. Apply online today if you are looking for a consistent and rewarding commercial painting career in Chicago or Cincinnati.

Individuals who exhibit high standards in honesty, work ethic, and pride in their quality of work, including cleanup, on commercial painting jobs, are always welcome.