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“You’re only as good as the people you hire.”

Ray Croc, McDonald’s Corporation Founder

It’s no small feat to build an award-winning service company. We’ve spent over 16 years doing just that, and we can easily attribute much of our success to the outstanding professionals we’ve assembled as part of the PPD Painting team. From the beginning, our founders Aaron and Sean dreamed of creating a commercial painting company that runs on professionalism and outstanding customer service – where a job well done is a matter of pride, not a necessity.

Years ago we began a journey to define our purpose as an organization.  After input brainstorming, many interactions, and some help from a company friend, Tom Reber, here’s what we came to define as Our Purpose:

Our team of service professionals is altering the perception of the contracting world by providing our clients with complete confidence and minimal disruption from beginning to end.

Along the way, we created a formula for hiring talent based on 12 qualities that (we feel) commercial painters should exhibit on every job. These qualities define the character and aptitude we seek from all individuals that apply for PPD Painting commercial painting jobs.

Competence in Commercial Painting Techniques

For a PPD team member, this is a must. There are specific techniques commercial painters employ to efficiently and expertly paint commercial buildings, inside and out, and our painters speak the language of painting excellence fluently. From properly using the tools of the trade to knowing exactly when and how an application should proceed for stellar results, we expect our commercial paint professionals to meet and exceed every standard.

Proven Painting Experience

We understand that business owners are investing in one of their most valuable assets when hiring a commercial painter. To ensure that every client receives only the most professional expert service, we direct our recruiting efforts to identify commercial painters with proven experience to handle the demands of our clients. This hiring strategy guarantees our clients will receive top-quality painting services from top-quality painters. 

Great Attention to Detail

At PPD Painting, attention to detail is a critical quality expected from our professional commercial painters. We train our team to thoroughly inspect every inch of a job once completed to ensure everything is perfect – and fix it if that’s not the case. A missed spot or uneven coverage is unacceptable by our standards. That’s why we do a final walk of the project with our team before walking it with our clients at the end of the project. 

Knowledge of Painting Materials

Commercial painting jobs are about so much more than just painting. There is a knowledge base around types of paints, primers, and other materials that we expect future PPD Painters to know and understand before joining the team. Although we are big believers in continuing education for growth, we also understand the value of a solid foundation. Additionally, PPD trains their employees on how to access, read, and follow manufacturer’s information on the Product Data Sheets (PDS) & Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Aptitude in Using Appropriate Tools

There are specific tools required for each task in the painting business. Understanding how and when to use the appropriate tools on commercial painting jobs ensures faster and better execution every step of the way. Not only does an aptitude for the tools of the trade foster expedience, but it also guarantees a level of performance one should expect from a professional commercial painting company. 

Manual Dexterity

A professional painter’s hands are their most important tool. Professional painting requires manual dexterity, which is the ability to execute controlled movements using hand-eye coordination under specific conditions. This skill is critical to the quality of paint application and the speed of execution.

Excellent Balance

Professional painters spend plenty of time accessing hard-to-reach places on most commercial painting jobs, requiring ladders and lifts much of the time. An excellent sense of balance in these situations ensures safety while lending the right amount of confidence necessary to focus on the task at hand entirely. Not only does an excellent sense of balance protect professional commercial painters on the job, but also the surrounding people and areas.


Patience is a virtue – especially with commercial painting jobs that rely heavily on coordination and maneuvering. Issues often arise, seen and unforeseen, during commercial painting projects, which can foster frustration and disappointment. So, we expect our team of professionals to approach every interaction and project, including any problems, with patience. A level head wins every time.


We are big believers in managing expectations, especially around schedules. Most commercial paint jobs require working around ongoing operations, which we take very seriously. Avoiding disruption requires strict adherence to careful planning, and punctuality is the first step to ensuring project plans come together within the given timeline. 


Professionally executed commercial painting jobs require diligence at every turn, from communication to execution and follow-up. Diligence, or the quality of working carefully and with a lot of effort, also indicates a strong work ethic, which we hold in very high regard at PPD Painting. We truly believe a hefty dose of diligence is what sets our team apart from the rest.


We began this article with the quote, “You’re only as good as the people you hire.” We believe this to be true of any successful company, and trust in our people is at the center of our success. Teamwork is essential to our business, and trustworthiness is critical to working efficiently as a unit. We must be able to trust that our team is upholding our values at all times.


Versatility, i.e., the ability to adapt, applies to all aspects of commercial painting jobs. For example, quickly switching from one task to another easily supports efficiency, which is crucial for completing commercial painting jobs as planned. Furthermore, a versatile commercial painter will consistently provide expert guidance on the colors, materials, techniques, and processes to support the best possible outcome, even if it veers from an original plan.

It has taken PPD Painting a few years of trial and error to compile this list of qualities we seek in a professional commercial painter – and the results speak for themselves. We’ve built a reputation around our high standards for quality, which includes our people as much as our service to the craft. We are proud to lead a team of exceptional people skilled in the art of beautifying spaces and working well with others. 

PPD Painting is one of the country’s leading commercial painting companies dedicated to creating opportunities for professional growth. We value commitment and reward it with unparalleled employee PTO benefits and a supportive work environment.

Are you a fit for PPD Painting?

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