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Rental property needs to remain appealing to keep tenants happy, especially in today’s competitive market. Your rental property’s exterior is the first impression, so keeping it clean and fresh with regular painting is essential. A cracked, peeling, or faded exterior could turn renters away, even if everything else about the property is acceptably maintained. 

Think of rental property painting repair and improvement like preparing for a job interview – you are more likely to be hired if your hair and attire are neat and presentable.

However, regularly painting your rental property is about more than just keeping your property looking good. It can also help to avoid deferred maintenance or legal issues.

How Often Should a Rental Property be Painted?

As mentioned above, local requirements may mandate the regularity of rental property painting repair or improvement. However, if no such laws exist, it’s still a good idea to stay on top of your rental property painting maintenance. 

So what’s the magic number? How often should a rental property be painted to keep the building looking pristine?

The answer depends on several factors, such as location, sun exposure, and local weather conditions. It’s a good idea to consult with professional painters in your area to gauge a timetable based on your building’s situation. 

After all, keeping your rental property’s paint maintained will help prevent paint chipping and peeling, extreme cracking and breaking at the base of the building, or dry rot – which can all lead to more significant problems and headaches.

In fact, let us provide you with some free advice and a free quote from our experts.

Benefits of Regular Property Maintenance

Speaking of headaches, proper maintenance of your property is critical to avoiding landlord-related problems. Let’s take a look at three significant benefits to rental property painting repair or improvement: 

  1. higher retention rate, 
  2. avoiding deferred maintenance costs, and 
  3. quickly attracting new renters. 

All three mean money savings for the landlord, as well as fewer long and short-term problems.

1. Higher Retention Rate

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When you consider the cost of finding a new tenant, it’s far less expensive to keep your current tenants in place. There are the costs associated with marketing, space adjustments, paperwork, legal fees, and more to consider when finding and placing new renters. It’s far easier and more cost-effective to keep tenants in place longer, and taking good care of the property inside and out can help with retention.

2. Avoiding Deferred Maintenance Costs

It’s not enough to just own rental property; you also need to protect your investment. Ignoring your property and letting the building fall into disrepair will cost far more in the long run than investing in regular upkeep.

Earlier, we mentioned peeling paint and dry rot. Both of these issues can lead to much bigger problems. However, with regular rental property painting repair or improvement, you can avoid these issues and more. Like sunscreen for skin, exterior paint protects the structure from damage caused by the elements, insects, and rodents. Without this layer of protection, the property is susceptible to damage.

3. Easily Attract New Renters

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The final benefit of maintaining your rental property’s paint is the appeal. Freshly painted buildings look new and clean, which is attractive to renters. Making your property as beautiful as possible is a winning move, especially in today’s highly competitive rental market.

If your rental property is commercial, the exterior of your building is a reflection of another’s business. It’s in everyone’s best interest – the property owner and business owner renting the property – to make the building as appealing as possible to customers, and fresh paint is a great tool.

Best Paint Colors for Rental Properties

Now that we’ve established the importance of regularly painting – let’s talk color. Is there a preferred color for rental properties that boosts appeal? Although paint color trends change from year to year, it’s safe to say that rental property paint colors follow their own rules. 
If you’re looking for some inspiration on which colors you should choose, check out one of our previous blog posts.

Best Interior Paint Colors

When trying to appeal to the masses, the best interior paint colors for rental properties are neutral. A neutral color palette will blend with whatever style the tenant chooses for furnishings and other decors. Colors that are too bold may be a turn-off for potential tenants.

Neutral colors also tend to brighten a space, which could be helpful if windows are sparse or the interior is small.

Best Exterior Paint Colors

When it comes to the exterior color of your rental property, the unofficial rules are more flexible. Unless there are color restrictions in the area, a building’s exterior paint can make it stand out. 

For example, if all of the buildings around your property are white, then a darker neutral on your exterior – like brown, tan, or navy – will make your building pop.

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Alternatively, you can use the exterior paint color as a marketing tool. Often, companies with strong brand color recognition like to incorporate their signature color(s) into the exterior look of the building. 

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