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A homeowner’s association (HOA) is the organization within a subdivision, planned community, or condominium complex that oversees the properties and residents. Along with making and enforcing HOA guidelines, the association is also responsible for maintaining the community property and the community assets within – which is an enormous responsibility.

PPD has partnered with countless HOAs throughout the years, and we understand the magnitude of the association’s responsibilities – and at the top of this list is maintenance. Whether you are new to an HOA or a seasoned property manager, conducting annual audits are the best way to properly maintain the community’s property and assets. This preventative maintenance checklist for property management covers every aspect of HOA maintenance and is an excellent guide for managing the health and beauty of your community.

1. HOA Exterior Inspection Checklist

Let’s begin with the exterior areas that warrant annual inspection. This preventative maintenance checklist for property management will prevent costly repairs and ensure all aesthetic expectations are met.

Walls & Foundations Inspection

Foundation repair is costly, which is why it sits at the top of our exterior property maintenance checklist. Depending on the size of the community, this may take several days to several weeks. Make a note of any visible cracks or fissures that require attention.

Inspect Condition of the Exterior Paint

Nothing screams disrepair more than peeling or fading paint, which is why we recommend making paint maintenance a priority on your HOA annual inspection checklist. Aesthetics aside, exterior paint also adds a protective layer for structures and protects surfaces from the elements. The industry rule of thumb for repainting the outside of buildings is every 3-5 years, which we highly recommend for a commercial property maintenance inspection checklist.

Exterior Vents Inspection

Exterior vents can deteriorate, so replacement is necessary over time. Check for cracks and openings around the vents and note for repair on the HOA maintenance checklist. Often, simply addressing them with caulk or insulation can lengthen the life of the vent.

Inspect Windows Condition

Like foundation repair, window replacement is often expensive and quickly adds up. Prevent replacement by keeping them in good condition with regular cleaning and minor maintenance as needed.

Check Electrical Supply Boxes

Electrical boxes enclose wire connections that supply power to the building. Since they help protect against short circuits, which can cause fires, make sure they are in good condition and intact.

Roof & Gutters Inspection

Roofs and gutter inspection is critical to preventing structure leaks and proper gutter function. Ensure all gutters are properly attached and free of debris. Note any missing or damaged shingles and inspect the eaves for cracks and openings. Consider hiring a company to manage these inspections since roof navigation can be dangerous.

Outdoor Pest Control Examination

Quarterly pest control service is recommended to keep insects at bay around your community. A thorough annual examination is your chance to identify any problem areas that persist. It’s also an excellent time to review the pest extermination company’s work, as a replacement may be necessary if the service is poor.

Wooden Decks Inspection

The wood deck inspection portion of the HOA maintenance checklist should include the deck’s condition on top and underneath. Ensure there is no evidence of wood rot or compromised joists. Wooden decks typically need resealing, staining, or painting every 1-2 years; however, this timeframe can vary depending on the condition of the deck and the quality of the products used. Also, the professional application of high-quality products can lengthen the durability and life of your decking.

2. HOA Interior Inspection Checklist

Next up on the checklist for building property maintenance are the primary interior features. Like the exterior, the annual inspection of these internal components is critical to proper function and avoiding expensive repairs. Depending on the type of community, a building manager or the homeowner can handle everything listed on this preventative maintenance checklist for property management.

Attic Vents & Screens Inspection

Check attic vents for obstructions and proper function to avoid rotting wood, clumping insulation, and mold due to poor ventilation. Check the screens for tears and particle build-up that can hamper functionality.

Check Roof For Leaks

Although exterior roof inspection is on the exterior property maintenance checklist, you should also conduct an interior check for leaks.

Flooring Inspection

A critical inspection of interior flooring should also be a part of the HOA annual inspection checklist. This inspection is your opportunity to check for cracks and other damage that needs repair.

Check All Indoor Vents

Inspect all interior vents to ensure filters are being regularly replaced, and airflow is adequate. It’s also an excellent time to schedule an AC service to clean air vents to ensure maximum efficiency.

Inspect Interior Walls For Any Damages

Damaged walls are not just an eyesore, but they affect the integrity of paint application. If the damage is extensive or severe, it’s best to hire a professional paint company to address the problem, as the area repaired will likely need new paint.

3. Utilities Maintenance Checklist

Your community’s utilities are vital to everyone in residence, and regular checkups are essential to maintaining the health of these services. This portion of the checklist for building property maintenance serves two purposes – ensure proper function and screen for preventable hazards.

A/C Units Inspection

Outdoor AC units need to be kept clear of debris and obstruction. Inspection of the area should ensure grass, trees, and shrubs are trimmed back to give the unit plenty of space to function.

Furnace & Heating Systems Inspection

The furnace and heating system inspection should include checking the vent system for leaks or blockages and examining the heat exchanger for signs of corrosion and cracks or separations. We recommend outsourcing this inspection to a professional service company.

Water Lines Inspection

Thoroughly check all exterior water lines for rot, damage, or signs of leakage.

Phone Lines Inspection

Check phone lines to ensure the area surrounding them is clear of tree branches and other obstructions.

Gas Lines Inspection

Gas leaks can be deadly and often undetectable. A professional service should inspect gas lines for safety, operation, and code compliance.

Electrical Lines Inspection

Keeping electrical lines clear of limbs and branches is very important. Electrical utility companies conduct regular equipment inspections; however, report it immediately if you see a problem.

4. Common Areas Maintenance Checklist

Common areas on the HOA annual inspection checklist should include the lawns, gates, and fences surrounding the common areas and community buildings.

Check Yard & Lawns

Most HOA guidelines require owner maintenance of individual yards and lawns, and an annual check can confirm compliance. However, the HOA is responsible for maintaining the greenery in common areas, including trimming low-hanging tree limbs. 

Landscaping Inspection

Include landscaping on your HOA maintenance checklist to ensure areas are aesthetically pleasing and properly maintained. Your inspection should note any overlooked hedge trimming, weeding, or debris clearing that the professional crew hasn’t addressed.

Gates & Fences Inspection

Inspect all fences and gates to ensure they are in good condition and properly functioning. Giving your fencing a fresh coat of paint or stain can lengthen its lifespan, so consider hiring a professional service for regular upkeep. They may also be able to help with standard repairs before painting.

Security Cameras Check

Regular checks of security systems should be performed, including clearing obstructions and checking wiring and connections.

5. Final Steps

Once you have completed the extensive maintenance portion of your HOA audit checklist, it’s time to prepare the repair action items. This can be a report shared by the board and reported to the community and should detail the next steps for maintenance repair and clarify who is responsible.

Put Together a Maintenance Report

Your maintenance report should detail everything you noted for repair on your residential property maintenance checklist, commercial property maintenance inspection checklist, or rental property maintenance inspection checklist. Listing each item by category can help with organization, task assignment, and monitoring completion.

Clarify Maintenance Action Items

This report should include who will complete the items on the list. Many HOAs divide responsibilities among board members; however, some things will need professional services, such as large paint projects or utility inspections.

Although maintenance audits can happen any time of the year, many prefer addressing and compiling an annual checklist for building property maintenance at year’s end. No matter when it happens, handling everything on this checklist will help your HOA avoid maintenance disasters and unnecessary headaches.

PPD Painting has been helping HOAs in Chicago and Cincinnati with interior and exterior painting of all kinds for nearly two decades. We’ve built these lasting relationships through impeccable service, high-quality results, and a high degree of responsiveness. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you keep your HOA community pristine.