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Parking decks see a lot of wear and tear. From vehicle and pedestrian traffic to constant exposure to the elements, a parking deck can quickly deteriorate – especially without taking the right maintenance precautions. And like any structure, deterioration can expose you to increased costs and safety risks.

Maintenance is the key to parking deck longevity and will save you both money and time in the long run. What’s involved? Here are 6 tips to help keep your parking deck pristine, intact, and safe for business.

Invest in High-Quality Parking Deck Coating

First and foremost, don’t skimp on the protective coating. When considering your parking deck coating system, the old adage “you get what you pay for” applies. A high-quality parking deck coating is designed to:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Seal & level surfaces
  • Withstand harsh environments
  • Provide fast cure times for minimal business interruption
  • Properly meet ADA, FDA & USDA guidelines

In addition to these benefits, high-quality parking deck coatings typically come with a warranty, which is helpful in the event something unexpected happens to your new finish. So, as we mentioned, don’t go cheap with your parking deck coating system – higher quality parking deck coatings are designed to perform better and last longer – which translates to lower maintenance costs and higher standards of safety for your parking deck users.

Regularly Perform Pressure Washing

Cleaning your parking deck is a must to keep it properly maintained and there’s no better solution for a thorough cleaning than pressure washing. In fact, it’s essential. Pressure washing will help remove dangerous build-ups caused by chemical spills, such as oil, gas, and antifreeze – as well as remove tire marks and sticky, possibly hazardous residue from food, drink, and other spills. 

Industry standards recommend pressure washing at least twice a year, but if you can do it once a quarter, you will protect your investment even more. Not to mention how much better your parking deck will look when it’s given a proper cleaning more often. Parking deck cleaning should sit on the top of your maintenance list – both for safety and curb appeal.

Make Sure Facility’s Drains Are Functioning Properly

A well-constructed parking deck will include the required number of drains to keep water from pooling and sitting on your deck’s surface. However, the drains can easily collect debris over time that will lead to blockages that can sabotage proper draining. This can lead to standing water, causing potential surface damage and more. 

Regular drain checkups and cleanings can keep them functioning properly and prolong the integrity of your parking deck. It’s simple maintenance that should not be overlooked. Properly maintained drains will help preserve your deck structure as well as help avoid excessive parking deck cleaning outside of regular maintenance.

Perform Visual Inspections Weekly

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We highly recommend walking your parking deck weekly to check the condition. Wear and tear does not happen overnight, but it will certainly happen faster if not kept in check. What should you look for during these inspections? Here’s a simple checklist:

  • Debris build-up from vehicle leaks, etc
  • Cracks in the parking decks
  • Faded parking stripes
  • Lighting outages
  • Broken or damaged doors, signage, etc
  • Drain functionality
  • Other safety hazards

Visual inspections will keep you on top of your parking deck maintenance by allowing you to efficiently and quickly correct issues that may lead to further damage. Think of your deck like a car – it needs regular checkups to function properly and look top-notch.

Repair Any Cracks As Soon As Possible

Small cracks can quickly become larger cracks and bigger problems. Cracks on the deck’s surface not only look bad but can present dangerous hazards. Addressing cracks as soon as they appear will cost less than waiting until they grow and more intense measures of repair are required.

Cracks are most commonly caused by water damage, so be sure and stay on top of those drains! Also, keep in mind that the weather plays a part in crack maintenance. Concrete will expand in the colder temperatures of the winter months and constrict during the warmer months. Ideally, address cracks in the warmer months, so they are protected from expansion when it gets colder.

Restripe Your Parking Deck Annually

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Fresh parking stripes not only look good, but they also provide important safety functions. Clear, well-defined parking lot lines are ADA compliant and allow patrons to safely maneuver and park their vehicles in an organized manner. 

Your parking lines don’t just delineate parking spaces – they also communicate who has the right of way, what areas to avoid, where vehicles must stop, and designated fire lanes. Keeping all lines clearly visible in your parking deck will help avoid needless accidents and potential liability.

Regular TLC of your parking deck will help protect your investment and limit higher maintenance costs – thereby saving you money. Your first step is to ensure you are protecting your deck with a high-quality parking deck coating system – without this, you are running the risk of rapid deterioration and safety hazards. 

PPD Painting has been servicing parking decks in and around Chicago with high-quality, reliable parking deck coatings and paint striping for decades. We offer the most advanced floor coating products and reliable, expert application of parking deck stripes to enhance the look and safety of your parking deck surface. If you’re ready for a better-looking, safer parking deck – get in touch for a quote today!

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