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Alright, I’ll admit it. Every now and then I sneak into my wife’s Pinterest account and look at the crazy stuff she pins….but don’t tell her. I’d like to keep my Man Card..

Most of the pins are How – To’s in the Beauty School Drop Out board or the Make Me Skinny board. For real? But every now and then she posts some pretty cool idea. Check out this one I just found…


Now why she pinned this, I have no idea since we have a regular brick paved patio. But this is still a great idea and if we had a walk out basement I just might try this idea myself! The reality is, the average home has a two car garage and we don’t exactly have room to build a big ole’ shed in the backyard anymore. The yard has officially become the kid’s territory with ginormous swing sets and the new “storage” place for all their junk … I mean toys, and the garage is taken over by the bikes, scooters, lemonade stands and the like.

This would be great to store the outdoor toys, patio cushions/furniture or the lawn mower and other equipment that won’t get used in the winter. You won’t be kicking and screaming when YOU have to spend extra time moving the toys out of the way! And the best part of all, the wife can now pull her car in the garage in winter and won’t complain about the snow in her boots or ask YOU to get up earlier to do it for her!

Think about it guys! This is a perfect, decently cheap way to keep everyone happy (and get a few extra Zzzz’s in the a.m.!)!