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Places of worship are community fixtures. Whether it’s a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, these structures are more than just buildings – they are sanctuaries of togetherness and peace.  

Like any other building, maintenance and tending will ensure the space’s longevity and aesthetics, and painting is a critical piece of upkeep. However, most places of worship will require special care and attention – especially during painting. From protecting priceless artifacts and sacred fixtures to erecting specialized scaffolding, strict procedures are essential for maintaining the integrity of the church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or any other house of worship.

Pipe Organ in Church
Pipe Organ in Church

Keeping paint and dust out of the pipes

Over the years, we have completed many successful projects in places of worship. Here, we’ll revisit one of our most extensive projects of this kind: a church’s complete interior and exterior paint transformation. Reviewing each phase will help demonstrate the significance of ensuring professionalism and precision throughout the project.

Church Interior Painting

When it came to painting the interior of this church, we first assessed the space to determine best practices for protecting the church’s beautiful interior features. From well-oiled pews to irreplaceable artifacts, the safety of each took top priority.

However, before we could outline the scope of work, we had to determine scheduling parameters. In this case, the church officials requested minimal service and activity disruption, which is quite common with commercial paint projects. Managing the expectations around scheduling should be a priority on any professional job, commercial or otherwise.

Interior Church Wall Colors

Once we agreed upon scheduling and thoroughly outlined the scope of work, our team helped them select the interior church wall colors. When considering the church sanctuary color scheme, we thought through every aspect of the interior and how it all needed to work together. For example, will the pews be painted? Is there stained glass? What color is the carpet?

In this case, there was beautiful stained glass on several walls. Everyone agreed the church sanctuary wall colors should be soft and subdued to highlight the many existing decorative elements of the church interior, like that beautiful glass.

Church Sanctuary Color Schemes

The overall church sanctuary color scheme also included colors for the beams, trim, ceiling, and other architectural features. In this case, the balcony railing, pews, and doors were already a beautiful natural wood, so we decided to keep them as-is and select complementary colors for the rest of the church interior.

When painting any interior, it’s critical to consider how elements of the space work together. For example, churches and other places of worship often have highly decorative art in and around the interior. Therefore, the church sanctuary wall colors should complement these pieces and features. Every detail is important and needs careful consideration for thoughtful and professional execution.

Church Ceiling Painting

Ceilings are an often overlooked area of any building, but neglect can be especially noticeable in places of worship. Have you ever attended a church service and noticed how often people in the pews look UP to take in their surroundings?  Even if the church ceiling painting requires a simple white coat, the effects will be noticeable.

Given the height of most church sanctuary interiors, painting professionals must have the right equipment. The only way to achieve professional ceiling painting in a church is with safe and secure scaffolding, as well as the professionals who know how to operate it properly. Careless assembly and operation can be disastrous on a project like this.

Church Exterior Painting

First impressions are everything. It doesn’t matter how spectacular your building interior is if the exterior is fading and peeling. Like the interior, all aspects of the church exterior need consideration when selecting the best colors for the church exterior.

Since this church painting project was all-inclusive, the exterior color needs were as extensive as the interior. We carefully considered which colors and techniques would best compliment both the church’s exterior and the surrounding landscape.

Church Exterior Wall Painting

Colors create a mood. So, we often ask clients what mood they hope to strike with exterior first impressions. In this case, the church officials wanted the church’s exterior colors to reflect the same “serenity” as the church’s interior colors.

Our plan for the church exterior’s color scheme included all building walls, eaves, trim, entries, railings, and other exterior features – like the roof.

Church Roof Painting

Not all clients consider painting the roof, but there are several reasons it’s beneficial.

Aside from looking newer and cleaner, a painted roof can improve weather resistance by locking out moisture and helping to protect the surface from the sun’s damaging rays.

The roof on this church needed a facelift, or it wouldn’t compete with the freshly painted church exterior. Plus, it prompted the church officials to address minor roof maintenance to prepare for the paint application, which needed to happen anyway.

Best Colors for Church Exterior

Since colors are so personal, we can’t say there are any specific best colors for church exteriors. However, we’ll reiterate that the color should reflect the mood you want to set. If you’re seeking serenity like the church client we’ve been discussing, go with white or soft neutrals. 

However, bold colors like red, purple, or yellow will set just the right tone if you want to create a positive – even joyful – impression. If committing to such a bold color for the entire exterior seems like too much, consider adding color to your church’s exterior by just painting the trim, shutters, or door with a bold color.

Church Painting Process

We’ve already touched on the painting process a little, but the process is too critical for just a mention. The process is everything and will determine the outcome of your church painting. The team you select must understand the importance of careful preparation to preserve art, historical features, and the overall integrity of the place of worship.

We adhere to stringent procedures and standards on any paint project, especially with churches and other places of worship. For example, we will carefully consider the application – will a roller, sprayer, or brush be best for application? Also, what equipment is safest within the interior of the space? Protecting the integrity of the area is always our top priority.

And finally, what special precautions are needed for special equipment, such as organs or pipes? How will priceless artifacts or decorative marble be protected? We take all of these questions into consideration and carefully review them with the client to ensure everything is covered.

Professional Places of Worship Painting Services

PPD Painting has been meticulously transforming places of worship and other commercial spaces in and around Chicago for 20 years. In fact, we just won a Top Job award for our project with the Congregation of Saint Joseph.

Our team of highly professional and skilled contractors will take special care to execute every aspect of your project to perfection. We are fully licensed and insured, so your property is always protected. We take pride in exceptional service and execution the first time, every time. Contact us today to quote your place of worship or other commercial paint projects.