Painting  Maintenance for Hotels & Other Hospitality Buildings

School is out, the weather is warming, and summer travel is heading into high gear in all corners of the country. It’s one of the busiest seasons in the hospitality industry, and hotels and other facilities catering to summer tourists will open their doors to welcome an endless stream of visitors. Seasoned building owners and facility managers likely took advantage of the slower season to spruce up their space in readiness for a return to travel.

However, for those that did not have the opportunity, this comprehensive checklist will provide helpful information about painting maintenance and the many benefits it provides, including prolonging the look and life of properties that rely on the tourism industry.

Benefits of Regular Painting Maintenance for Hotels & Hospitality Buildings

The hospitality industry is competitive. Hotels and other businesses catering to this billion-dollar sector rely on satisfied customers to thrive – which means regular maintenance and upkeep are necessary to keep facilities looking and feeling fresh for visitors. Fortunately, maintenance painting is one of the most visible and economical ways to freshen up a building’s interior and exterior surfaces while providing many other benefits.

Making a Great First Impression

First impressions are critical in the hospitality sector, and a building’s exterior and interior paint plays a significant role in establishing an inviting and attractive ambiance. A fresh coat of paint or an entirely new color palette can take a building from looking old and dated to bright and new. It’s an easy way to stay ahead of the competition, especially if the painting is planned and executed by seasoned hospitality painting contractors that know how to do the job professionally and fast without disrupting operations.

Preventing Leaks or Water Damage

Another benefit of hospitality painting maintenance is preserving interior and exterior surfaces. High-quality paint can help safeguard walls from possible damage caused by moisture, dirt, or other unwanted elements. It can be a long-lasting preventive solution that will help maintain the quality of the walls by sealing and protecting them from water leaks, dirt, insects, etc.

Improving Guests’ Comfort With Fresh Colors

Guests’ comfort is paramount to success in the hospitality industry. Hotel and other facility managers who regularly refresh guest spaces with fresh paint understand how vital appearances are to a building’s overall aesthetic. Updating your interior and exterior surfaces with new or updated color palettes creates a welcoming environment that feels fresh and clean outside and inside.

Achieving Energy Savings With Solar Reflective Coatings

Not only can paint improve the appearance of your hotel or hospitality building, but it can also help with energy efficiency. For example, a solar reflective coating applied to the roof and/or large exterior walls can help reduce air conditioning costs by reflecting heat rather than absorbing it. The more heat solar reflective paint deflects from the building, the less the structure is affected by rising temperatures – thereby increasing its energy efficiency.

Hotel & Hospitality Building Exterior Painting Maintenance Checklist

Every visible part of a building is an opportunity to make an impression, including exteriors seen by visitors and passersby. Exterior areas include the building’s walls, roof, parking lot or structure, and adjacent sidewalks or walkways. Following is a complete list of areas to include on the exterior hospitality painting checklist.

Exterior Wall Painting Maintenance

A building’s exterior walls are at the mercy of all that nature throws at them 365 days a year – which is why exterior paint maintenance is critical to the health of any building. Not only will freshening the paint on exterior walls keep them looking clean and new, but it can help protect the surface from the elements. Professional hospitality painting contractors can recommend the most durable exterior paint for structure protection and endurance.

Parking Lot Striping Maintenance

A parking lot or structure with faded or missing parking lines screams old and tired – not to mention the hazards it can present to drivers. If the parking area is the first impression of your hotel or hospitality business, maintaining its appearance with bright and even striping should top the list.

Reapplying Epoxy Flooring

Many hotels and buildings in the hospitality industry use epoxy floor coatings thanks to their high durability. However, the coating can wear down and fade over time, resulting in spotty coverage that can look worn and tired. Fortunately, a new coat of epoxy quickly remedies this while adding a clean, fresh layer of protection.

Logo Repainting

Many hotels have painted exterior designs on their buildings, such as logos, that should be included on the external painting maintenance checklist. A professional painting company specializing in hotel painting services should have no problem professionally touching up logos and other designs while painting exterior walls.

Roof Coating Maintenance

Don’t forget to include the roof in your exterior painting maintenance. Although not as visible to customers, a building’s roof plays a critical role in building maintenance. Worn-out roof coatings can present safety hazards and degrade building efficiency. If possible, consider using a solar reflective coating on the roof to improve energy efficiency.

Hotel & Hospitality Building Interior Painting Maintenance Checklist

If your hotel’s walls could talk – would they ask for a fresh coat of paint? Regular hospitality painting maintenance is critical to business success, whether you’re just touching up or completely changing a hotel’s interior color scheme. Fresh, clean paint on the walls and other areas conveys care for the facility, which customers notice and value. However, when creating an interior painting maintenance checklist for a hotel or hospitality building, don’t forget to include the following items.

Wooden Surface Repainting

Paint on wood surfaces can crack, fade, and peel over time, making the area look worn and old. A fresh coat of paint provides an instant update. However, painting or repainting wood surfaces requires quite a bit of preparation (scraping, sanding, etc.) to ensure professional-looking and lasting results. So if your internal team does not have the time to dedicate to proper prep before painting, professional hotel painting contractors are a much wiser choice for the job.

Cover Up Any Cracks and Holes

Planning painting for hotel rooms and other commonly used areas is a great time to repair worn and damaged surfaces like cracks and holes in the walls. These imperfections will need filling and sanding before applying the new paint to ensure even-looking coverage.

Metal Surface Painting Maintenance

Accumulations of dirt and debris on metal surfaces can contribute to the wear and tear of the metal and/or its protective coating, leading to corrosion over time. Keeping metal surfaces clean and maintained with regular painting will keep it looking good and lasting longer.

Interior Wall Painting Maintenance

We’ve discussed commercial building interior paint maintenance before, including why it’s important. Regularly repainting your hotel or hospitality facility’s interior keeps it looking and feeling clean while protecting wall surfaces. High volumes of traffic ensure scuffs, scratches, and other marks will appear over time, which can quickly degrade your building’s beautiful aesthetics. However, regular painting maintenance will fix imperfections and restore interior walls with ease and efficiency.

The hospitality industry heavily relies on aesthetics to attract business, so building upkeep is essential to staying competitive. Regular painting maintenance not only helps maintain the look and appeal of hospitality facilities like hotels, but it also keeps surfaces protected – both inside and outside.

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