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Commercial property maintenance is a year-round endeavor. Whether it’s interior or exterior upkeep, seasonality often dictates the task’s timetable. For example, landscape planting is typically a springtime project. The truth is, many commercial property owners plan building maintenance during the spring and summer months. Perhaps it’s the better weather conditions or just a slower time period for businesses – whatever the case, it’s a common practice.

However, there is one task we highly recommend executing in the winter, and that’s painting. Why? The average cost of professional interior painting drops right along with the temperature. Cost savings is one of the main advantages to painting during the colder season, however it’s not the only one. Keep reading for more details on the benefits of interior painting in the winter, as we cover our top three. 

Demand for Painting is Lower Than in the Summer 

The summer months are always busy for commercial painting companies – no matter where you live in the country. Winter months may be subject to wet, cold, or erratic weather, which is one of the reasons work slows down for commercial painters. However, if you are planning to spread your retail building, industrial complex, or office park maintenance costs over the entire year, then definitely schedule interior painting for the winter when commercial paint companies experience a slow season.

The main benefit to planning your paint project while the painters are slow is cost savings. Think of it as buying winter coats during the summer. Less demand for the product tends to drive costs down. Many commercial paint companies will offer great incentives for scheduling your project during the winter. 

Lower demand isn’t exclusive to the commercial painters either. If your business operations slow down during the winter due to seasonality or the holiday lull, then it’s a great time to have professionals come in and touch up or completely repaint your building’s interior. Not only will you save money on the project overall, but it will be less disruptive to daily operations.

Lower Humidity During Winter Weather Leads to Paint Drying Faster

The second of our top three benefits of interior painting when it’s cold is the weather. Although weather conditions during the winter can make exterior painting difficult, especially in areas where it snows like Chicago and Cincinnati, the opposite is true for interior painting during the winter. When the temperatures outside drop, so does the humidity. Lower humidity means the paint will cure and dry faster than if there was an excess of moisture in the air – which benefits the painters and the customer.

Fortunately for you, faster drying paint means your project will get finished faster. Commercial painting involves several coats of color, and that includes the requisite drying time between each layer. The drier air conditions are going to speed up that process and your project timeframe in all.

More Painters Will Be Available to Finish the Job Sooner

More people to work on your project is the last on our list of benefits of painting during the winter months. When the jobs slow down at commercial paint companies, the managers are keen to keep their staff of professional painters busy. Therefore, they will probably send more people on each job than they would during the spring or summer when their workload is full.

However, don’t be concerned that more people will equate to more cost. In this case, more people just means the project gets done faster. With multiple painters, they can address various sections of your project at once. Everything is faster – the prep, the painting, and the clean-up. That means you can check interior painting off your commercial building maintenance list and get back to business faster.

From a business standpoint, scheduling your commercial interior painting between December and February (or March in some cases) just makes sense. You are working with professionals when they have more capacity to focus on your project and probably finish it faster. In addition, since the demand for commercial painting slows during the winter, you can take advantage of cost savings. Basically, the benefits of interior painting during this time are numerous and make an overwhelming case for winter paint projects. Who doesn’t want to save money and time?

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