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Painting is a skill. Although anyone can pick up a can of paint and a brush and get to work, it doesn’t mean the work will be well-executed. We can’t help but cringe at painting disasters and the great mess that ensues. As professional painters, we spend plenty of time retouching and redoing paint disasters for our commercial clients.

But this post is not about us – it’s about #paintfails in the wild! Ready for a lot of SMH? Enjoy this round-up of funny painting fails.

Safety first!

Seriously, safety is critical in professional painting, especially when you are climbing on ladders. Also, watch where you’re walking when painting. Paint and gravity have a real love affair. Go ahead – enjoy these examples of UN-professional paint practices and painting disasters.

What was this guy thinking?

Again with the ladder! Clearly, ladders are dangerous even when not in use.

Everyone has bad days – especially this painter.

Drop cloths – use them.

Pro-tip: cover anything you don’t want “painted” while painting – especially your hardwoods and furniture!

A drop cloth would’ve helped. Bad kitty!

Yep, drop cloths are a painter’s best friend!

Need we say more? DROP CLOTHS!

Drop cloths and paint go together like peanut butter and jelly, people…

Wait – what?!

There’s really no category for these except a lot of head scratching.
Deliberate? Doubt it. “You had 1 job…” – lol!

Deliberate – or painter fail? This could go either way.

We’re not sure sloppy adequately describes what’s happening here. Let’s file this under EPIC painter fails – or blind painting.

Clean-up is critical.

There’s a reason we stress cleaning up so much. Not all paint disasters happen while painting.

Execution is everything!

Sometimes common sense just takes a backseat with paint project – and that’s ok, unless you’re a professional doing this for a living, right?!

If you can relate, we’re sorry!

Not all professionals are really “professional” – case in point!

This is a head-scratcher, for sure.

All we want to know is WHY?!

He’s definitely feeling this painter fail.

Always check the lid!

Painting can be messy before it even starts. Painter fail in transit!


We hope you enjoyed these funny painting fails – and we’re sorry if you related to any of them! Professional painting just isn’t for everyone. If you’re doing it yourself, always remember to plan and prep first (yes, this includes drop cloths), and always correctly secure and store your paint and supplies when finished. Warning – pets and kids are not always paint-project friendly!

However, if professional painting is your passion, and you live in or around Chicago or Cincinnati, check out the PPD Painting Careers Page. We’re always looking for talented, skilled painters to join our team of professionals.