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When someone walks into one of your rooms, you might want them to notice the walls right away with a strong pop of color or for the walls to unobtrusively fade into the background. Either way, the last thing you want is for visitors to notice your walls for all of the wrong reasons. The quality of your walls’ paint job influences your visitors’ first impression, so use these tips to make sure that your walls send the right message.

Good Preparation is Important

As with any job, good preparation is vital to making sure your finished walls make the best impression possible. Preparing to paint your walls includes the following:

  • Purchasing durable high-quality paint and painting tools
  • Purchasing enough paint for several coats
  • Properly preparing the wall surface to be painted

By fully preparing for the job, you can help ensure that the paint job will last, without adhesion problems like bubbling or blistering or an uneven finished product.

Pick the Right Paint

Not all paints are alike. Picking a high-quality paint that is designed for the wrong surface will result in a poor paint job, even if you pay top-dollar for the paint. Likewise, a satin sheen works well in many situations, but may not be the best pick for a workroom that may require regular scrubbing. On the other hand, a super durable matte paint can make a front office look drab. When choosing paint, it is important to consider the substrate, or surface, as well as exposure requirements.

Use the Right Techniques

Using the best method for your paint job will help ensure the finished product matches your requirements. Different outcomes, surfaces, and types of paint can require various techniques, so it is important to know which painting process to use. For example, the process for a textured ceiling can vary depending on the type of paint used.

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