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One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to maintain your commercial property is with regular painting on the interior and exterior. Fresh paint can transform a commercial property in many ways, including improving its street visibility to updating the building’s overall appearance. However, painting maintenance is an effective strategy only when the project is executed correctly, which typically involves hiring professional paint contractors.

Although hiring a commercial painting contractor isn’t always the cheapest option, it can be the most efficient – and deliver the best results. Fortunately, some factors affect the cost of hiring professional paint contractors. We will cover these factors, plus tips for hiring the right commercial paint contractors, so you can confidently tackle the project regret-free.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Commercial Painting Project

Even if you have hired a licensed painting contractor before, possibly for the same property, the pricing can fluctuate based on certain factors, like the time of year you are planning the project. In fact, the following four criteria usually have the most significant impact on the cost of hiring professional painting services.

Is It an Interior or Exterior Job?

Many professional painting services use different crews for interior and exterior painting based on skill and experience. For example, exterior painting often requires special equipment for access and safety, which adds to the project’s cost. Additionally, some commercial interior paint projects occur overnight, so the work does not disrupt the business’s daily operations. These factors and more can affect your overall budget when planning a commercial painting project.

What Time of Year Do You Want the Painting Completed?

Most people plan painting projects when the weather is nice, especially exterior painting, which is the spring or summer in most areas of the country. Many commercial painting contractors book up months in advance during the spring and summer, as the winter usually presents less than ideal weather for painting, such as ice and snow.

However, this presents a unique opportunity for scoring a lower price during the winter months when the local commercial painting contractors are trying to fill their calendars and keep their crews busy.

Although the weather doesn’t always permit winter exterior painting in parts of the country, it’s worth investigating if project savings of 5-25% are possible.

Interested in Scheduling Your Commercial Painting Project?

How Large is the Area That Needs to be Painted?

The size of the project will definitely affect the budget. More area to paint requires more paint and more labor – all of which adds up! Also, if there are any hard-to-access spots included, there may be additional equipment costs included in the project estimate.

Is Working After Hours Required?

If your commercial painting requires after-hours work due to operational conflicts, the labor price will reflect an increase for the after-hours labor cost to have a team that works overnight or during other off-hours. A reputable painting contractor should be transparent about these and all prices in the estimate, so there should be no surprises. 

Quick Tips for Hiring the Right Commercial Painting Contractors

Now that you know what factors will affect your commercial painting budget, it’s time to find the right team to beautify your building. We will remain fairly topline in this article for each of these tips; however, if you want more information, check out this article for everything you need to know: How To Choose The Right Commercial Painting Contractor.  

Find Contractors Specialized in Commercial Painting

If you hire a painter for your commercial space, it’s best to go with an experienced professional team. Whether interior or exterior, commercial painting involves a lot more than just applying paint to a surface. Skilled commercial painting contractors should execute the job with skill and precision. Therefore, you can expect minimal mess and disruption from professionals, from preparation before painting to cleaning up after completion – and all the work in between. 

Review Portfolio

As you research local commercial painting contractors, look through their portfolio of work. Some may specialize in specific types of building, such as hotels vs. warehouses. Other professional painting services may have the bandwidth to handle any type of commercial painting job. If you see similar work to your project in their portfolio, it’s a good indication they have the experience you require.

Review Testimonials

Testimonials and reviews are a great way to root out unprofessional services. Positive reviews about the quality, professionalism, timeliness, and courtesy are always good indicators that the company is reputable and dependable. You can find this type of information on a commercial painting contractor’s website and on Yelp, Google, etc.

Check Insurance & Licenses

Checking for insurance and other credentials is often overlooked, even though it can be pretty critical. It’s in everyone’s best interest to work with commercial painting contractors that are licensed, bonded, insured (general liability, commercial auto, and worker’s compensation insurance), and registered as a business in your county. Any respectable commercial building painting contractors will be licensed and insured, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Hopefully, this information provided enough insight into budgeting and planning commercial painting projects to help you plan the project confidently. The bottom line is that painting your commercial space can be easier than you think if the right team is on the job. Commercial properties are a sizeable investment that should be well-cared for and regularly maintained, which includes regular paint maintenance to keep interiors and exteriors looking their best.

However, if you have any questions, we are here to help in any way we can. At Precision Painting & Decorating, we’ve spent over 15 years building our reputation for efficient, responsive, and express quality painting services in the Chicago and Cincinnati areas.

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