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A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and transformative ways to spruce up your business. According to industry experts, the fall and winter seasons are great for planning your commercial interior painting. Like many businesses, commercial painting companies experience a lull during these months, which means possible money and time savings for you.

So what’s the average cost to paint commercial building interiors? That depends on a few key factors, which are covered in this article. Plus, we’ll also share some tips for saving time and money on your commercial interior painting cost – which benefits both you (the business or commercial property owner) and the professional company you hire to do the work.

Factors To Should Consider When Estimating Interior Painting Cost

Your total interior painting cost will depend primarily on three factors, which are paint supplies, labor, and timing. Of course, the average interior painting cost will vary among paint professionals, so it’s always a good idea to get more than one bid and check each company’s credibility and reviews. In the case of commercial interior painting, cheaper is not always better. For most businesses, professional service and peace of mind are usually well worth a slightly higher price.

Amount of Paint Needed To Complete The Job

The amount of paint needed will naturally affect your commercial interior painting cost. Professionals use a standard formula for estimating the amount of paint necessary to complete the project. If you would like to determine the size of the job on your own, you can get a good idea by following these tips to estimate how much paint you will need for your space. 

Don’t forget to include enough color for more than one coat, which is almost always required. Although many products on the market boast complete coverage with one coat, most surfaces will need more. Multiple coats are especially warranted when covering a darker color with a lighter option. Also, the estimated amount of paint should include enough for touch-ups.

Labor Costs of Commercial Painting Professionals

Labor is usually a large percentage of any project. The labor cost to paint interior commercial building projects typically depends on two things: project size and timeline. Project size is a no-brainer. The commercial interior painting cost will be more for larger square footage since more labor may be necessary to complete the job within a specified timeline. 

However, the project complexity can also impact labor requirements and interior painting costs. For example, if the project includes complex paint patterns or finishes, a pricier specialist may be required. 

Project Deadline

The project deadline will also affect the cost to paint commercial building interior projects. A reputable professional paint company will usually have a good idea of how long your project will take based on their experience. However, if a client has a tight deadline, the cost usually goes up. Less time to paint translates to more labor to complete the job within the deadline constraints.

This brings up a good point. If the project deadline can drive up the average cost of interior painting, what can you do to save money and lower the overall price? We have some suggestions to consider.

How to Lower Your Commercial Interior Painting Project Cost?

If budget is a concern, there are several ways to save on your commercial interior painting project. Preparing for this work is similar to the often debated practice of cleaning before having your house cleaned by professionals. Isn’t it counterproductive? Actually, no, it’s not – it’s helpful. If your home is picked up and organized, the professional cleaning service can do their job with more efficiency in less time.

The same philosophy applies to the professional painting process. The less the painters have to do “in prep,” the more time they can spend painting. So, since most of these tips involve pre-project preparation, your first step is to block off enough time to prepare for the actual work. 

Complete Prep Work Before Painters Arrive

As you probably know, half of the painting process is preparation like taping walls and windows, removing switch plates, moving furniture, and cleaning paint surfaces. The time spent on these tasks can be pretty significant, ending up on your labor expense bottom line.

Therefore, the more prep work you can accomplish on your own, the less the commercial interior painting services have to do. Taking the time and effort to do the paint prep work before the painters arrive may save you a good chunk of change on labor.

Check if Any Repairs Are Needed Before Painting

The cost to paint commercial building interior spaces can also change if repairs are needed before applying the first coat. Repairs can include washing and scraping surfaces, caulking and filling holes, or treating problem areas (to name a few). If you can eliminate these tasks before the painting begins, it can translate to project time and money savings.

We recommend scheduling a walk-through with a paint professional to identify this type of work beforehand since they can quickly assess needed tasks. Your efforts will not only save you some expense, but it will save the professionals valuable time.

Schedule Your Commercial Interior Painting Project Outside of the Peak Season

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the fall and winter months are considered “off-season” for many businesses, including commercial painting companies. When there are fewer projects on their schedule, it will make your project easier to schedule. There is always an advantage to having more flexibility in scheduling, which can help lower the bottom line.

Also, another advantage to using commercial interior painting services during the off-season is that it’s the perfect time to touch up or overhaul your business’s interior space before the holiday shopping rush, which is especially significant if you are a retail operation. 

Choose Your Commercial Painting Contractor Carefully

Now that you have the tools to estimate your commercial interior painting costs, as well as tips for saving time and money, the final big step is to select the company to execute your vision. As we hinted earlier, professional paint services know what they are doing. Who is considered “professional” in this industry? The businesses that take safety, scheduling, quality, and service seriously.

When hiring a professional painting company, there are several things to look for to ensure your project is given the time and care it deserves. First, are they fully licensed and insured? These details are easily verified on their website or simply by asking. Next, check their reviews on the company website or through a quick Yelp search. 

It’s critical to hire a company that will do the job correctly the first time. Using a reputable, trusted company like Precision Painting and Decorating (PPD), a PDCA accredited and award-winning contractor, you’ll have peace of mind you’re working with the best. Businesses in Chicago (and now Cincinnati) have trusted PPD with their commercial interior painting projects for over 15 years. As an American Painting Contractor (APC) Top Job Award Winner, PPD delivers in the areas that count – service, professionalism, quality – and above all – a dependable experience. 

Contact PPD Painting for a commercial interior quote today.

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