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Find out how PPD & Bethel Terrace Senior Living Community in Chicago partnered and used wall covering murals to solve an issue they commonly find in their facility.


This unique project was completed at a housing community for seniors, where some of the residents suffer from a variety of memory loss issues. In an effort to assist residents and reduce confusion, since every floor is identical, PPD was hired to install wallpaper murals on every floor to make each floor easy for residents to recognize and recall.

We first sized the walls for the new murals, then installed the murals along with stained oak trim that acts as a picture frame around them. In order to keep the disturbance and odor to a minimum, the oak trim was stained and varnished in our shop prior to installation.

An added benefit to this method was that we were able to produce a “factory finish” on the wood trim.  It is always very rewarding when we are able to do a project that genuinely helps and affects the lives of those in our community for the better!