Professional  Painting Contractors Share Tips for Commercial Building Painting

When it comes to a commercial building painting in Chicago IL, Precision Painting & Decorating is known for its expertise, reliability, efficiency, and value.

In addition to more than 15 years of experience, numerous awards, and an uncompromised dedication to service, PPD Painting painters are famous for their impeccable craftsmanship. As reliable contractors, we would like to offer a few useful tips that significantly improve the results when painting commercial buildings.

Commercial Interior Painting Tips

No two projects are the same, but luckily our team of professionals has completed thousands of different painting projects. No matter the surface, the size of the building, interior and exterior, the following tips are always applicable and can help your painting project look spectacular.

1. Choosing The Right Color

The choice of the right paint color makes all the difference when it comes to commercial interior painting. Well-maintained interiors of commercial properties contribute to the impression of dedication to the client, resident, and employee experience satisfaction. A careful choice of colors can also reinforce brand identity and values.

For example, a neutral color palette can be a good choice for the interior of multi-unit office buildings, or businesses such as law firms. On the other hand, retail stores, beauty salons, and similar businesses can benefit from a bolder palette. However, most commercial painting professionals all agree about one thing: be careful not to overwhelm the customers. Sometimes just one bold-accent wall will be sufficient for an impactful impression.

In fact, we’ve produced The Definitive Color Guide for Commercial Projects that you can access on our website and get inspired for your upcoming projects!

2. Preparing the Space

After the colors for commercial interior painting have been chosen, it’s time to dive into prep work.

In addition to cleaning and protecting the interiors, it is important to make sure to remove all decoration from the walls, shelves, and other surfaces, as well as to push light-weight furniture away from the walls.

Covering the furniture with plastic and floors with a drop cloth helps to avoid paint splashes and drips. Taping floor edges with painter’s tape is another wise thing to do since edges can be tricky to clean. Speaking of cleanliness, removing mildew stains and dirt by simply pressure washing them improves the durability of the paint.

If you browse our blog you can also find additional tips on how to prepare any surface for painting properly.

Filling the dents in the walls and sanding uneven surfaces

3. Filling All Dents & Sanding

Once everything is neat and clean, we carefully inspect the walls and fix any dents or bumps.

Plaster and a putter knife are a holy grail when it comes to covering fissures. Smoothing the surface with sandpaper removes the bumps, levels out the surface, and provides an even base for the new coat of paint to stick on. To control dust PPD Painting painters use Festool machines with the HEPA filters.

Don’t forget to apply a protective coat of paint and primer once you’re positive that your surface is flat and prepared for work properly.

4. Always Go With a Primer

Priming is a step that is often neglected by residential painters but makes all the difference when it comes to commercial building painting.

In addition to providing a base for paint to stick on, primer serves as a barrier between the walls and a new coat of paint. As such, it extends the durability and preserves the integrity of the new paint. Tinted primers are great for covering existing bright colors because they do not require as many coats in order to look neat.

Seasoned professionals know how important it is to apply the primer and prepare the surface for painting in order to ensure the longevity of paint applications.

5. Consider Your Employees’ Needs

In case that you can’t schedule your painting project outside of working hours, or during the holidays, you have to consider your employees’ needs. Although our team performs all of the necessary safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of our team but also our clients, you should discuss the project with your staff and make sure that they are appraised of the work and timeframe of your project.

Commercial Exterior Painting Tips

When dealing with large surfaces and specific guidelines for paint applications and branded colors – paying attention to details is crucial. Here are some tips on how you can ensure that your exterior painting project will be successful and eye catching.

1. Make Sure the Commercial Building Exterior is Clean

Just like preparing for commercial interior painting, pressure washing the exterior of commercial buildings can help reduce the overall professional painting and maintenance expenses.

Professional contractors avoid painting over dirty, chalky, or dusty surfaces at all costs. Not only does it make the exterior look uneven and rough, but the new coat of paint will not stick as good.

A true professional will clean up the surface before and after painting.

2. Take Weather into Consideration

Weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow definitely influence the commercial exterior painting. However, it is not just harsh and unpredictable weather that can affect the success of renovations.

Certain kinds of paint behave differently at different temperatures. For example, oil-based paint adheres best to the walls when the temperature is between 40°- 90°F, whereas latex performs best at 50°- 85°F.

If you are interested in saving some money and resources on your painting project, choosing the right time for your project might be of vital importance. Get in touch with PPD and we’ll schedule an appointment to explore our options for your future projects.

Commercial exterior painting project

3. Adhere To High Safety Standards

Commercial building exterior painting requires compliance with safety standards.

Not only is it necessary for the painters and other involved contractors to use safety equipment and be insured, but the safety of tenants, employees, and clients should also be taken into account. Always opt for a non-toxic, odorless paint that poses little to no risks for the health of everyone involved.

PPD is a globally recognized brand with a great number of happy clients and awards won due to our high safety standards and flawless execution.

4. Make Sure Contractor Has All of the Required Equipment

Unlike residential painters, commercial painting contractors commonly have all the required equipment ready. They can also provide recommendations regarding the optimal implementation of projects based on their experience in painting commercial buildings.

Additionally, always check whether the contractors are bonded and licensed, as this can significantly affect the safety and quality of the services they provide. A professional company will have no issues to provide you with all of the necessary documentation and advice ensuring that their needs and expectations are met.

5. Make Sure All Exterior Branding Is Crisp

Being on brand is no longer just an option – your audience wants to have a consistent experience from their mobile devices to the interior and exterior of your commercial building.

Make sure that all of your branded colors are on point and all of your advertising materials, such as banners, logo and more, are addressed and painted professionally as well.

Consistency in branding matters to both your clients and your employees.

Finally, an experienced and reliable contractor will be able to understand the specificities of your project and will advise you in terms of how to maximize the return of investment.

Whether you are in need of commercial interior or exterior painting contractors, or are looking to get a free estimate – give us a call! Our experts will make sure that the job is finished according to the highest standards.

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