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The first impression a client has of your business may be the colors you paint your building. You want the colors to convey professionalism and competence.

For both the exterior and interior of a commercial building, there are basic guidelines to follow.

Commercial Building Color Combination Tips

Stay Neutral

This isn’t just good advice for Switzerland; it’s good for your paint scheme as well. Neutrals are calming and inoffensive to just about everybody. They also provide a great backdrop for your logo. Your brand name can really pop against a neutral background.

For the exterior of your building, neutrals are more likely to blend with the neighborhood. This might be important if you are in a historic district. If you feel a need to add a bit of pizzazz and personality, choosing a vibrant trim color can provide a spark without overwhelming your clients or the neighborhood association.

Avoid Freudian Slips

There is a psychology to color. Colors can influence the way people think and feel. For example, most people consider blue to be calming and serene while red is exciting or romantic.

What do you want your customers to feel when they see your building? If your company is a hip new internet startup, you might paint the building with some accent colors that scream youthful energy, such as orange. However, if your business is a respected law firm of 100 years, some hunter-green trim may be just what you need to convey longevity and reliability.

Let True Colors Shine Through

Many people use paint swatches incorrectly. Holding up swatches in the paint store and comparing them to each other does not reveal the true hue of the paint. Here are tips to see color clearly:

  • Look at the swatches in the room that is to be painted.
  • Hold the swatch vertically to the wall you want to paint.
  • Hold the swatch against a white background.

To learn more about color psychology and choosing the right color combination for your business needs check out The Definitive Color Guide For Commercial Painting.

Commercial Office Paint Color Ideas

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