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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to renovations of industrial facilities, companies and organizations often tend to prioritize exterior and interior painting. Floors remain largely overlooked unless the damage is significant enough to affect daily workflow. However, they are essential for safety, keeping facilities clean, and have a great impact on productivity.

PPD Painting has vast experience in industrial floor refurbishment. On numerous occasions, epoxy floor coating has proven to be a resilient solution capable of reinforcing and preserving concrete surfaces while transforming facilities with its glaze finish. Due to this, we wanted to share our professional insights into the benefits of epoxy flooring.

What Is Epoxy Floor Coating?

With epoxide resin and polyamine hardener as its main ingredients, epoxy is a material used for sealing concrete floors and as an adhesive. Epoxy floor coating not only protects surfaces against damages but also leaves otherwise well-trafficked facilities looking professional and appealing.

From warehouses and manufacturing plants to laboratories, garages, auto shops, and pathways, the application of this coating system for industrial and commercial buildings is as diverse as epoxy flooring benefits. It is not unusual to apply epoxy coating on ceilings and walls either. This high impact, seamless surface is capable of lasting a long while and enduring heavy loads and rough treatment.

Enhances Appearance

Epoxy coating is commonly used to conceal scratches on floors. Combined with epoxy paint it can thoroughly mask off any fractures. Industrial grade epoxy floor coating can be combined with paint colors and patterns to fit the distinct style of a brand.

The sheen of the epoxy floor finish is capable of transforming the appearance of industrial facilities with its polished look. Additionally, decorative lighting can give a new dimension to its glistening surface and convert a run-down facility into a sophisticated one. Metallic coatings and decorative quartz or mica flakes can enrich the surface with additional shine, spotted look, and even decent traction.



Highly Cost-Effective

If you are planning the removal of current flooring and investing in vinyl or tiles, consider a more affordable option: epoxy. This highly cost-effective option will also help you spare time, as it does not require removal of the old flooring. Even though it demands some time to dry properly between the installation of several coats, refurbishing with epoxy is still a more economic option in terms of time and costs.

Repairs are also cost-effective because each imperfection can be treated promptly. Choosing experienced professionals to install epoxy floors might be a good and affordable idea because their proper preparation will prevent poor application. They will also make sure that the floor remains intact for a long time.

Great Durability

Another benefit of epoxy coating is its great durability. Using epoxy over concrete floors will last much longer than wood, carpets, or tiles would. It has protective qualities that allow it to resist significant wear, stains, water, as well as shock.

It is a solid and practical choice that does not require any replacements or redos for extended periods. Durability might be the thing that makes epoxy floors so cost-efficient, which in turn allows companies to invest the money in other important things.

High Resistance

Industrial spaces are commonly exposed to a high volume of traffic, water, heat, or shocks. Epoxy flooring is a tough, chemical resistant surface capable of enduring the weight of heavy machinery, tools, vehicles without suffering a single mark.

High-grade epoxy can bear a temperature of more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit, especially types of epoxy that contain phosphorus. Corrosive chemicals, brake fluids, heat, and oil do not damage it either, which makes it a great choice for commercial kitchens and garage floors. It also prevents chemicals from leaking through to concrete or leaving harmful residue.

Provides Protection

When sealed over industrial concrete floors, wood, or other surfaces, epoxy flooring systems shield and protect them. By providing a protective overlay, this incredibly strong polymer also makes the surfaces more durable and preserves them from crumbling and cracking.

The layering of more than one coat over a course of a couple of days ensures that epoxy becomes a solid, stain- and defect-free surface bonded to the floor.

Safety and Visibility

Epoxy flooring installation is not harmful when done right. If it is installed by professionals, the fumes will be properly ventilated, and other precautions will be put in place. As epoxy products often contain substances that create traction such as gravel, aluminum oxide, or polymer grit, they are resistant to slippage. The fact that they are resistant to heat and shock also makes them safe for any working environment.

The aforementioned sheen of epoxy floors significantly improves lighting in large facilities that do not get much natural light otherwise. Its brightness and illuminating properties can help not only improve visibility but also increase safety.

Incredible Strength

As a solid polymer, epoxy is very strong and capable of enduring shocks, chemical breakdown, and significant weight. This sturdy covering improves the ability of concrete to withstand the weight of up to 10,000 pounds per square inch.

Due to its chemical properties, epoxy flooring is rigid enough to withstand tearing, peeling, and corrosion.

Easy To Maintain

Ease of maintenance might be one of the things that epoxy is famous for. The upkeep is convenient and includes broom sweeping or vacuuming and simple mopping with detergents and water. Industrial epoxy floor coating is also easy to clean with industrial heavy-duty appliances, as it has high abrasion resistance and the appliances won’t necessarily leave scratches.

Epoxy is a very safe and sanitary coating, since dust, germs, bacteria, and other contaminants do not easily build-up. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid acidic products that can dull the high gloss of the epoxy floor finish.

Vehicle Compatibility

Unlike concrete, epoxy floor coating is gentle on vehicle tires and won’t cause decline or corrosion. As it can withstand heavy weights, epoxy also provides good support for vehicles during prolonged periods of time.

Epoxy flooring is a great solution for garages because it can endure harsh substances, chemical leakage, and stains.


Finally, in spite of its chemical composition, epoxy floor coatings are environmentally friendly. They reduce the number of used materials and other resources and do not require frequent replacement. The installation is also quite eco-friendly, as it only demands saws and tools for rolling out.

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