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At some point in your life, you probably encountered paint. You may have brushed up against a wet wall, helped a roommate paint their room, or watched a television show that had a professional painter. But no matter how familiar you are with the topic, here are some amazingly remarkable facts about paint you probably don’t know.

  1. The very first interior wall paint was applied nearly 40,000 years ago by cave dwellers in prehistoric France. They spray-painted some of their works of art by blowing paint out of hollow bird bones. They even used their hands as stencils.
  2. The White House is painted every year to keep it looking white, protect the porous stones used in its construction, and prevent discoloration from environmental pollutants. It was originally painted with a lime-based whitewash, but 570 gallons of paint are now used.
  3. Paint was created in the middle ages out of egg yolks and ground semi-precious stones. This special paint was then used to illustrate manuscripts. The monks called it “illuminating” the documents.
  4. Paint colors have a notable effect on the human body because they are said to vibrate at the same frequency. For example, red can cause the heart to beat faster and blue can slow the heart down.
  5. Paint blends better when it is wet. Therefore it is better to paint a wall as you move in one direction rather than rolling the edges first. Once paint dries, the paint applied to the edges to blend them will simply become a second coat rather than blending. This can cause dark spots.
  6. In ancient Rome, it took around 4 million mollusk shells to create one pound of crushed purple pigment. Because of the expense, the color was quickly associated with royalty.

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