Precast Painting

Specializing in commercial and industrial precast painting services, including painting precast concrete panels, walls, and steps.

From floors and walls to steps and tilt-up panels, concrete aesthetics is increasingly popular in commercial construction projects due to its durability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. Painting precast concrete can not only significantly enhance its appearance, but also turn run-down industrial and commercial buildings into a highly maintained, professional facilities.

Whether you're looking to paint bare precast concrete or repaint stained and previously painted surfaces for protective or decorative reasons, Precision Painting & Decorating has the resources to deliver the high-quality end product that will make your commercial facilities stand out.

Painting Tilt-Up Concrete Panels

A growing number of companies are using tilt-up concrete panels to build manufacturing centers, distribution facilities, warehouses, and similar industrial and commercial buildings. This method owes its popularity to its safety, agility, and to the fact that it is highly cost-effective. What makes it even more appealing is that it can be easily customized to fit the company's needs by means of precast paint.

PPD Painting specializes in painting tilt-up concrete panels. We utilize the most advanced technologies on the market for all our precast concrete paint projects while relying on proven precast painting methods. Our painting professionals have significant experience that allows them to prevent tilt-up concrete paint from peeling, flaking, or developing blisters.

Painting Precast Concrete Walls

Painting precast concrete walls is a task that can significantly improve the appearance of any commercial facility when it is done professionally. It increases thermal insulation and wind resistance properties, ensures long-term viability and flexibility, and doubles as a reliable fire barrier.

Here at PPD Painting, we know the true value of thorough surface preparation: it aims to limit the growth of fungi and spores and keeps the humidity away. We start by applying industrial-grade anti-microbial products and elastomeric waterproofing systems. While we prioritize safety, we also aim to deliver an impeccably-crafted end product. Be it textured coating, striping, or banding, our team has a vast experience in painting precast concrete walls to match your company's values and goals on schedule.

Industrial and Commercial Precast Concrete Painting

Our precast painting services were specifically developed for painting in busy, dynamic environments such as warehouses, call centers, joints, and distribution facilities. With an aim to cause little to no interruptions in the workflow, we offer flexible scheduling that includes night, holiday, and weekend prepping priming, and precast painting.

By developing detailed and comprehensive project plans, we strive to ensure outstanding levels or organization and efficiency with minimal downtime. Familiarizing our clients with concrete's versatility allows us to help them choose colors, patterns, and textures that are aligned with their brand's identity and values.

With over 15 years of experience in precast concrete painting and numerous awards, PPD Painting is a reliable contractor with a strong record of getting the job done right the first time.

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