Commercial Decorating Services

PPD offers commercial decorating services as well. If you didn’t know, that’s what our name stands for — Precision Painting & Decorating.

Most of our clients find us when they’re searching for high quality Commercial and Residential Painting Services, but decorating has been a core component of PPD Painting for the last 16 years. PPD Painting not only offers expert painting services, we also have extensive experience with commercial decorating services. By offering painting and decorating, want to be a one stop shop for your office, warehouse or home projects, with no detail left unplanned.  

Whether it’s wallcovering, drywalls, finishings and carpentry – we work with you to make sure that your spaces look impressive & impeccable. 

If you’re in Chicago IL or Cincinnati OH and you are in need of any exterior or interior decorating services – feel free to reach out and let us know what you envision for your project. We’ll work with you to advise on materials, timeline and provide you with a free quote. We’ve got you covered.

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Commercial Wallcovering

Commercial Wallcovering

Wallcoverings in a commercial space can create a unique and branded experience for your employees and customers. As you can imagine, there is an array of varieties and customization options for images, designs, textures and colors. Once you have an idea of the look you want to achieve, any Commercial Wallcoverings should be handled professionally to ensure precision, and the highest quality installation. 

This is a great decor option for your offices, hallways, lobbies and pretty much any place that you want to look elegant and unique. If done right – it’s a long lasting solution as well.

Commercial Stencils

Commercial Stencils

The beauty is in the details! Custom stencils can help your commercial space pop with unique features and custom designs suitable for your brand and company. Mark the numbers, departments, have your logo and brand messaging on your office walls, or simply decorate the space in a distinctive manner. 

Researchers confirm and agree that improving your office space affects the productivity of your team, as well as their creativity by 15%.

Commercial Wallpaper Installation

Commercial Wallpaper Instalation

Our commercial interior decorating services also include commercial wallpaper installation. Wallpapers, same as wallcoverings, can be a more expensive option than paint, and that’s why it is important to have skilled, experienced workers on your project. With the right preparation and application process, wallpapers can hide cracks and imperfections on surfaces, while achieving remarkably unique results. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial space, feel free to reach out and get a free quote on your wallpaper installation, as well as other decor services.

Wall Protection

A place of work is a place that needs to be safe, clean and well maintained. Forecasting possible damage, and protecting your walls and commercial space is half of the battle. PPD installs rubber bumpers, moldings, handrails, crash rails, corner guards, trash containers and more. It is also a cost efficient solution, as you will save on wall repair costs and damages. 

Consult our experts for an evaluation and estimate for your wall protection needs. Professional installation, best products on the market and quality control is guaranteed.

Commercial Drywall Repairs & Patch Work

If you’re looking for Commercial Drywall contractors in Chicago, IL – know we’ve got you covered there as well. From patch work to painting and repairs, our team of professionals provides reliable services and malleable solutions – reshape your space and make it look stunning at the same time.

We provide drywall finishing for commercial spaces, retail businesses and residential projects. Contact us to get a quote.

Commercial Carpentry

All commercial and industrial carpentry needs are covered in our Decorating Services too. Wood carpentry, finishings, fixtures and framing services are available, and if you’re looking for a high end look – you’re probably considering this option as well. We can make the old look new, by adding new spaces, features and even rooms. 

Proven craftsmanship, precision and detailed manufacturing – expect the best from PPD Painting. Give us a call to talk through your project ideas.

Parking Spots Painting & Lining

Parking Spots Painting and Lining

Parking spot painting and lines are a simple and straightforward application that is noticed only when it’s lacking or needs repairs. For your commercial and industrial parking spots we provide painting services. After all, safety comes first and properly outlined parking spaces, clearly identify where vehicles should go, and where they shouldn’t.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The next best thing after hardwood flooring – Luxury Vinyl Flooring looks and feels like hardwood floors, but it also has additional benefits and advantages. It’s waterproof, resistant and durable, provides high quality insulation and it’s really easy to instal and maintain. It’s a cost efficient solution and it comes in any color and style you choose. 

This is one of the most popular solutions for commercial spaces, and it can be installed in any office, kitchen, hallways and more.

Warehouse Safety Marking & Floor Striping

Warehouse Safety Marking and Floor Striping

Chicago is home to many distribution centers, with the number of our warehouses almost unmatched across the globe. There are about 150,000 warehouse workers in the Chicago region, and making the floors they tread across durable, strong and safe for everyday work is where we come in. Industrial floor markings maintain safety in your warehouse and keep your facilities looking professional and organized.

We handle everything from preparation, painting, even floor coverings if needed, and when the groundwork is laid out – we do the work on your ground.

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