The Role of Prime Coat in Painting: Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Primer

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Business owners big and small are always on the lookout for opportunities to save money. However, painting or repainting your commercial property shouldn’t be one of them, as shortcuts can lead to sub-par results and more significant headaches later on. That’s why it’s important to understand the commercial painting process and why specific steps, like… Read more »

The Reopening of the US Retail: Redecorating Checklist for your Store

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The heavily anticipated and much-needed resurgence of in-person retail shopping is finally materializing as pandemic-induced restrictions begin to lift across the country. Many retailers are looking for ways to get the most out of the renewed traffic, and re-evaluating their retail store design to improve the shopping experience is topping the list. Whether you plan… Read more »

PPD Painting Officially Opening a New Ohio Location

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Chicago-based professional Commercial Painting Contractor, PPD Painting (formerly Precision Painting and Decorating) confirms growth plans with new service area expansion into Cincinnati, OH.  PPD Painting has spent nearly 20 years building a reputation for exceptional customer service, unparalleled professionalism and quality craftsmanship in Chicagoland, and this expansion is the first for the company. “We are… Read more »

The Importance of Regularly Painting Rental Property

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Rental property needs to remain appealing to keep tenants happy, especially in today’s competitive market. Your rental property’s exterior is the first impression, so keeping it clean and fresh with regular painting is essential. A cracked, peeling, or faded exterior could turn renters away, even if everything else about the property is acceptably maintained.  Think… Read more »

Places of Worship Painting – Everything You Need to Know

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Places of worship are community fixtures. Whether it’s a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, these structures are more than just buildings – they are sanctuaries of togetherness and peace.   Like any other building, maintenance and tending will ensure the space’s longevity and aesthetics, and painting is a critical piece of upkeep. However, most places of… Read more »

Understanding your Painting Proposal

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Painting your commercial space is a significant investment, and finding the right commercial painter to do the job will ensure not just a clean, beautiful finished product – but a seamless experience as well. When considering which company to hire, the painting proposal should give you everything you need to know about the project in… Read more »

Tips for Preserving Your Parking Deck

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Parking decks see a lot of wear and tear. From vehicle and pedestrian traffic to constant exposure to the elements, a parking deck can quickly deteriorate – especially without taking the right maintenance precautions. And like any structure, deterioration can expose you to increased costs and safety risks. Maintenance is the key to parking deck… Read more »