Why is my paint peeling on the interior of my commercial property?

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Peeling paint has been a problem in Chicago for as long as painted buildings have been erected. For commercial property that was built before 1978, peeling indoor paint poses an even bigger concern, because of the potential exposure to lead and the likelihood for lead poisoning. Here are some of the reasons that make paint… Read more »

Why Interior Painting Maintenance Is Important for Commercial Buildings

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Whether you manage a multifamily unit, run a warehouse or own a multi-unit office building, you want your building to look good. You want your customers and clients to know you care and keeping the property maintained is a great way to do that. The following are some other reasons it’s important to keep current… Read more »

Creative Solutions

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Find out how PPD & Bethel Terrace Senior Living Community in Chicago partnered and used wall covering murals to solve an issue they commonly find in their facility.   This unique project was completed at a housing community for seniors, where some of the residents suffer from a variety of memory loss issues. In an… Read more »

Precision Painting & Decorating Begins Accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, & Ethereum

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America’s First Painting Job Paid For Using Ethereum   In December 2017 Precision Painting & Decorating became the first painting contractor in the country to accept payment for a residential painting project in cryptocurrency. With the current buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies, the story was picked up by the International Business Times. The project consisted of an… Read more »

4 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Epoxy Floor Coating

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Epoxy floors offer a polished, durable foundation for both commercial buildings and private dwellings. While epoxy is tough, it isn’t indestructible. To keep your floors looking and functioning their best, here are four easy tips for maintaining your epoxy floor coating. Sweep Often Dust, scratches, and buildup are enemies of epoxy floors. Fortunately, you can… Read more »