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What is making the paint peel on the interior of my commercial property?

paint peel
Peeling paint has been a problem in Chicago for as long as painted buildings have been erected. For commercial property that was built before 1978, peeling indoor paint poses an even bigger concern, because of the potential exposure to lead and the likelihood for lead poisoning. Here are some of the reasons that make paint peel inside your commercial property.

Type of Paint

If the ceiling of your building is peeling, then it may have originally been painted with calcimine, sometimes called Kal-Kote. Unfortunately, the only paint that is compatible with painting over old calcimine is new calcimine. Otherwise, the paint will not stick and will begin to flake or peel.

Wet Surface

If your commercial space recently suffered some water damage, or there is a leak or high humidity in the office, makes the paint peel. Paint does not adhere well to wet or damp surfaces. Also, when plasterboard becomes wet and then dries, after a few rounds of this, it begins to rot and turn to powder. Paint will not adhere to this, either.

Bad Paint Job

Sometimes a bad paint job is a culprit of peeling paint. One bad habit some painters have is using too much paint so that the paint is layered on too thickly. This is especially bad for ceilings since the weight coupled with gravity speeds up the paint deterioration process.

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Cracking and peeling paint detracts from the beauty of the interior space of commercial properties. What’s worse is when you just paid to have the space beautified with that new coat of paint. Unfortunately, leaks happen, paint types are not always properly detected and some contractors are not as well trained as they should be.

To ensure you get the job done right the first time, or to correct the error of a bad paint job in your commercial building, call on Precision Painting & Decorating. You can reach us at 630-556-8609 or send an email to request an estimate.

Why Interior Painting Maintenance for Commercial Buildings Is Important

Interior painting maintenance

Whether you manage a multifamily unit, run a warehouse or own a multi-unit office building, you want your building to look good. You want your customers and clients to know you care and keeping the property maintained is a great way to do that. The following are some other reasons it’s important to keep current on interior painting maintenance of your commercial building.


Certain issues within a property can cause safety hazards. Old paint can cause a lot of safety hazards for your business. In many situations, all it takes is a quick fix by a professional, some minor paint work to create a healthy area. Doing this can prevent unhealthy mold growth, exposure to the elements and more.

Cost Effectiveness

When a property owner takes care to stay on top of interior painting maintenance, there’s generally a higher payoff. For example, if a spot of paint begins to peel off the wall, you can touch it up and it’ll be good as new again. If you leave it for an extended period of time, more and more paint will peel off, possibly in other areas around the room, until you have to repaint entirely. Small touch-ups here and there will cost significantly less than painting an entire room.


Whether it should be or not, image is sometimes everything in the professional world. A highly maintained interior with the proper paint shows clients and customers that you mean business. It shows your level of professionalism and lets others know you are good at taking care of things.


Proper interior painting maintenance can often cut down the amount of time it takes to care for a building. When you take care of the small things as they come, you can avoid resulting in bigger projects that will take a chunk of your time to repair.

For your interior painting maintenance needs, contact Precision Painting & Decorating. We look forward to helping you create a safe, cost-effective and professional interior painting maintenance plan, so give us a call today at 630-556-8609 or email us at PPD Painting .

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